UK Gravity Enduro Round 1 Triscombe

  • May 8, 2015

It all kicked off on Friday with a full day of practice. The course was damp with light on and off drizzle all day making the trials sticky but grippy. Unfortunately the Forestry Commission decided to deny access to two of the stages because of recently felled trees! This meant that stages 1 and 2 needed to repeated to make up stages 5 and 6, making for a very compact loop of 18km. Stage 1 contained a fast top section with a lung busting fire road in the middle concluding with a steep and tricky lower section. Stage 2 was steep and fast descending into the arena. Stages 3 and 4 were both fast singletrack through tight and narrow trails through the trees, making for accurate and precise riding.

To help keep the event open it was decided to run two stages on Saturday and four on Sunday. The morning session gave the lads time to practice a few stages and hone their lines. By Saturday afternoon the sun had dried out the trails and things were looking interesting for the afternoon session. Both Roo and Tom set out on Stage 1 only for both to crash, Roo losing 10 seconds but Tom had a big off and lost a couple of minutes, not a good start. Stage 2 faired much better with Roo taking 4th and Tom 9th. It was not the start they both wanted, Roo had recovered and was now 5th overall some 12 seconds off podium, but Tom was back in 29th, not happy…

“Triscombe didn’t go well, coming off on Stage 1 hard and losing too much time to claw back”
Tom Parker

Early start Sunday morning saw the return of some damp conditions, however by stage time things were looking good for four dry fast stages. Roo got off to a flyer, even after suffering a slow puncture he returned a 2nd on Stage 3, Tom was also moving up with a solid 6th. Stage 4 saw Roo hug a tree but stayed on the bike to finish 6th whilst Tom was 10th. Then it was onto Stage 5 which was Stage 1 on Saturday, Roo again ragged it and finished 2nd who was followed closely by Tom who finished 3rd. It was then down to the final Stage 6, could Roo claw back the time lost on Saturday? Roo hit it hard and finished 3rd, Tom had a couple of spills and came in 23rd. To Roo’s credit he had done enough, he had produced a consistent display and saw him climb into 3rd Overall, his first podium at UK Gravity, well done fella.

“Was really happy to get a 3rd on Stage 5, had a lot of fun practicing with the guys and keckling everyone coming through Hecklers Corner”
Tom Parker

Roo Phelan Triscombe UK Gravity