Tom Parker


For 2016 I have signed up with the Bird Sealskinz Factory Team and will be riding their full suspension Aeris. Both weapons preform beautifully! My main inspiration came from seeing my dad race motocross, so i was around 2 wheels from a young age and feel at home on a bike. But i remember seeing a video of Brandon Semenuk and thats when i knew mountain biking was what I wanted to do. At the start of the year I was dreaming of racing the Enduro World Series but as we got into 2015 that soon became a reality and now Im looking to rise up the ranks to complete the dream. When Kreek visited Afan last year I stumbled across what became my favourite trail of all time ‘final descent’, it could possibly be the the gnarliest trail I’ve ever ridden but it was by far the most fun and never failed to give me that buzz I desire. Right now I’m psyched to be racing the Irish and Scottish EWS but I’m mostly looking forward to the Irish round up in the Wicklow Mountains as its new territory.

The thing that gets to me the most is when no matter how hard I try I can’t get a good flow on a course, as its just a wall stopping you from having a good race but I think the more experienced I get the easier that will be to over come. I’m really pleased to be racing for Kreek and I’m also extremely grateful of everything they do to make me a better rider and help me to reach my goals, its just never a bad time.

Results 2016

33th Enduro World Series, Finale, Italy, Round 8
11th Southern Enduro Series, Miland, Round 4
19th Cannondale British Enduro Series, Eastridge, Round 4
11th Southern Enduro Series, QECP, Round 3
10th Southern Enduro Series, Tidworth, Round 2
30th Enduro World Series, Wicklow, Ireland, Round 3
28th Cannondale British Enduro Series, Dyfi Forest, Round 2
8th UK Enduro, Triscombe, Round 2
7th Southern Enduro Series, Miland, Round 1
23rd Cannondale British Enduro Series, Ae Forest, Round 1
10th Welsh Gravity Enduro, Cwmcarn, Round 3
16th Mini Enduro, Welsh Gravity Enduro, Bike Park Wales, Round 2
13th Welsh Gravity Enduro, Afan, Round 1
22nd 661 Mini DH, Forest of Dean, Round 2

Results 2015

4th One Industries Mini Enduro, Forest of Dean
4th UK Gravity Enduro Series Overall
2nd UK Gravity Enduro, Dyfi Forest
2nd UK Gravity Enduro, Ae Forest
5th MSG, Radical Bikes, Round 6
9th UK Gravity Enduro, Hamsterley
8th Trail Collective Enduro, Queen Elizabeth Country Park (Pro)
5th UK Gravity Enduro, Grizdale, Round 2
3rd MSG, Thetford Forest, Round 5
20th EWS, Round 3, Tweedlove, Scotland
25th Emerald EWS, Round 2, Wicklow, Ireland
3rd QECP Day & Night Enduro, Queen Elizabeth Country Park, Hampshire
21st UK Gravity Enduro, Tiscombe, Round 1
5th Mini Enduro, Forest of Dean, Round 2
3rd Mini Enduro, Bikepark Wales, Round 1
3rd MSG, Henham Hall, Round 3

Results 2014

8th Gravity Project Honey Series, Rogate Round 1
6th Gravity Project Honey Series, Froyle Quarry Round 3
2nd Gravity Project Honey Series, QCEP Round 4
3rd Gravity Project Honey Series, Froyle Quarry Round 5
4th Mud, Sweat & Gears, Round 1
4th Mud, Sweat & Gears, Round 2
6th Mud, Sweat & Gears, Round 3
3rd Mud, Sweat & Gears, Round 4
31st BC National XC, Codham Park Round 1
7th Mini Enduro, Eastridge, Round 4
12th UK Gravity Enduro, Dyfi Forest, Round 4
4th UK Gravity Enduro, Grizdale, Cumbria, Round 5
15th UK Gravity Enduro, Overall Series