Ruairi Phelan


What bike do you ride, whats your fav bit?
Banshee Prime, 29er.

Who inspires you?
The pissheads that ride back from the pub every night, but in truth Shaun Palmer.

What’s the dream for 2015 season?
Win a round of UKGE and have fun doing it!!

Where is your favourite trail, and why?
Surrey Hills have it all, great to ride.

Which event do you look forward to the most?
EWS Ireland, just don’t know what is going to happen?

What is your best race experience to date, why?
UKGE Grizedale top of the podium!!

Is there any advice you would share with riders?
Have fun, big smiles!

What is the most desirable piece of kit?
New Shimano XT looks smooth and powerful, would really like to test it.

What is your favourite trail/race grub?
Post race KFC.

What niggles you?
When you rip a sidewall, hopefully Schwalbe Super Gravity’s are the real deal!

Results 2016

35th Enduro World Series, Finale, Italy, Round 8
9th Southern Enduro Series, Miland, Round 4
18th Cannondale British Enduro Series, Eastridge, Round 4
9th Southern Enduro Series, QECP, Round 3
52nd Enduro World Series, La Thuile, Italy, Round 4
8th Southern Enduro Series, Tidworth, Round 5
13th Welsh Gravity Enduro, Eastridge, Round 3
31st Enduro World Series, Wicklow, Ireland, Round 3
29th Cannondale British Enduro Series, Dyfi Forest, Round 2
6th UK Enduro, Triscombe, Round 2
9th Southern Enduro Series, Miland, Round 1
26th Cannondale British Enduro Series, Ae Forest, Round 1
8th Welsh Gravity Enduro, Cwmcarn, Round 3
13th Mini Enduro, Welsh Gravity Enduro, Bike Park Wales, Round 2
11th Welsh Gravity Enduro, Afan, Round 1

Results 2015

2nd Red Kite Mondraker Enduro, Round 5
1st One Industries Mini Enduro, Forest of Dean
5th UK Gravity Enduro Series Overall
5th UK Gravity Enduro, Dyfi Forest
10th UK Gravity Enduro, Ae Forest
DNF Trail Collective Enduro, Queen Elizabeth Country Park (mechanical)
1st UK Gravity Enduro, Grizdale, Round 2
DNF (Mechanical) Emerald EWS, Round 2, Wicklow, Ireland
1st QECP Day & Night Enduro, Queen Elizabeth Country Park, Hampshire
3rd UK Gravity Enduro, Tiscombe, Round 1
10th Mini Enduro, Forest of Dean, Round 2
1st Mini Enduro, Bikepark Wales, Round 1
8th Aston Hill DH, Black Run
7th 661 Mini DH, Forest of Dean

Results 2014

7th Gravity Project Honey Series, Rogate Round 1
1st Gravity Project Honey Series, Avery Farm Round 2
5th Gravity Project Honey Series, Froyle Quarry Round 3
1st Gravity Project Honey Series, QCEP Round 4
2nd Gravity Project Honey Series, Froyle Quarry Round 5
6th Gravity Project Honey Series, Overall in all classes
1st Day & Night Enduro, QCEP
4th Mini Enduro, Forest of Dean Round 2
3rd Mini Enduro, Eastridge, Round 4
12th UK Gravity Enduro, Ae Forest Round 1
9th UK Gravity Enduro, Inneriethen Round 2
8th UK Gravity Enduro, Afan Round 3
17th UK Gravity Enduro, Dyfi Forest, Round 4
10th UK Gravity Enduro, Grizdale, Cumbria, Round 5
9th UK Gravity Enduro, Overall Series