Rob Smith


What bike do you ride, whats your fav bit?
I ride custom a giant trance and on-one scandal, have a fetish for vans grips and hope hubs.

Who inspires you?
Steve Peat and Josh Bryce as riders and Martyn Ashton for still being so involve with cycling after being paralysed.

What’s the dream for 2015 season?
Dreaming of getting to my first couple of gravity enduros to hopefully ride all the Mini-enduros next season.

Where is your favourite trail, and why?
Beast of Brenin, locally: Danbury Common and Colchester Bike Park.

Which event do you look forward to the most?
My first enduro! and Hadliegh Farm for final XC round this season.

What is your best race experience to date, why?
Final XC round last year: came 3rd and bagged 5th overall for season, dry course with decent descents and sick warm-up lap with Tom.

Is there any advice you would share with riders?
Be a Steezy geez and keep everything as Enduuuro as possible and chill out before a race but not too much.

What is the most desirable piece of kit?
A British steel hardtail covered in Hope bling.

What is your favourite trail/race grub?
Post race KFC.

What niggles you?
Bikes with Cube written on them, XC riders who take Regional rounds to seriously as they can’t even wheelie!

Results 2016

16th Southern Enduro Series, Miland, Round 4
7th Southern Enduro Series, QECP, Round 3
10th Southern Enduro Series, Miland, Round 1

Results 2015

16th One Industries Mini Enduro, Forest of Dean
3rd MSG, Overall Series
3rd MSG, Hadleigh Farm, Round 8
6th Red Kite Mondraker Enduro, Round 4
6th MSG, Radical Bikes, Round 7
5th MSG, Ickworth House, Round 5
6th MSG, Thetford Forest, Round 4
5th MSG, Henham Hall, Round 3
7th MSG, Carver Barracks, Round 2
3rd MSG, Shouldham Warren, Round 1

Results 2014

5th MSG, Landon Hills, Round 8
8th MSG, Shouldham Warren, Round 7
7th MSG, Thetford Forest, Round 6
3rd MSG, Ickworth House, Round 4
5th MSG, Codham Park, Round 3
7h MSG, Carver Barracks, Round 2
49th BC XC, Codham Park, Round 1