Joe Parker


I ride a KTM Aera Pro. My favourite bit about my KTM is the carbon frame and how well it’s been finished. I started racing bikes when I was 13 years of age when my Dad found out about an event called mud sweat and gears. I really enjoyed these races but now I have moved on to do Enduro as well as still doing XC races. My most favourite race of all time was my first ever mini Enduro at Forest of Dean, it was hard and muddy. I ended up finishing my first Enduro although I was totally exhausted but the adrenaline kept me going. My best Enduro result so far is the QECP day and night event I finished 6th in the U18 category. However my dream for the 2015 season is to complete a UK Gravity Enduro and I will strive for this dream to happen. My most favourite trails are fast flowing with steep and rocky sections because I’m making use of my brain as well as my endurance. The event I’m looking forward to the most this season is the UK Gravity Enduro at Hamsterley as this will be a big step up for me and I look froward to this challenging event. My favourite grub before and after a race is the club manager’s secret recipe of millionaires shortcake. My biggest niggle is the amount of punctures I receive every time i ride my bike this could possibly be the most annoying thing that can happen when riding.

Results 2016

13th Southern Enduro Series, Miland, Round 4
8th Southern Enduro Series, QECP, Round 3
8th Southern Enduro Series, Tidworth, Round 2
11th Southern Enduro Series, Miland, Round 1
12th Welsh Gravity Enduro, Cwmcarn, Round 3
14th Mini Enduro, Welsh Gravity Enduro, Bike Park Wales, Round 2
11th Welsh Gravity Enduro, Afan, Round 1

Results 2015

18th One Industries Mini Enduro, Forest of Dean
16th MSG, Radical Bikes, Round 6
25th UK Gravity Enduro, Hamsterley
4th Trail Collective Enduro, Queen Elizabeth Country Park
21st MSG, Thetford Forest, Round 5
6th QECP Day & Night Enduro, Queen Elizabeth Country Park, Hampshire
19th MSG, Hadleigh Farm, Round 4
23rd Mini Enduro, Forest of Dean, Round 2

Results 2014

10th One Industries Mini Enduro, Forest of Dean, Round 5
12th MSG, Landon Hills, Round 8
13th One Industries Mini Enduro, Eastridge, Round 4
11th MSG, Thetford Forest, Round 6
13th MSG, Radical Bikes, Round 5
11th MSG, Ickworth House, Round 4
11th MSG, Codham Park, Round 3
21st One Industries Mini Enduro, Forest of Dean, Round 2
12th MSG, Carver Barracks, Round 2
10th MSG, Rendlesham Forest, Round 1