Chris Parker


I have two bikes, a Giant Anthem for XC races which I also did my first Mini Enduros on and a KTM Lycan LT272 which I am still waiting to put through its paces after being out of racing due to injury. I am inspired by the the young riders in the team, it’s great to see them doing so well and enjoying their riding so much. Through their encouragement and enthusiasm I hope to be racing again soon. The Mini Enduros are my favourite events so far but I would like to have a go at one of the UK Gravity events. I have three great memories from the 2014 season, my first enduro at the Forest of Dean an absolute mud bath watching Joe drag his mud clogged bike over the finish line and collapse with a smile on his face. My second at Eastridge was James telling me I had just grabbed a fourth place on the last stage, finishing seventh in my class and getting fourth in class at the last race I did at FOD. My advice to others, especially the younger riders is sometimes when you get better and faster at racing the expectation and stakes get higher and the enjoyment factor can get lost, don’t forget why your there. What niggles me? When people moan and criticise but aren’t prepared to get involved and help.

Results 2016

8th Southern Enduro Series, Miland, Round 4
23nd Mud Sweat & Gears XC, Radical Bikes, Round 7
11th Southern Enduro Series, QECP, Round 3
22nd Mud Sweat & Gears XC, Langdon Hills, Round 6
5th Southern Enduro Series, Tidworth, Round 2
4th Southern Enduro Series, Miland, Round 1
12th Mini Enduro, Welsh Gravity Enduro, Bike Park Wales, Round 2
8th Welsh Gravity Enduro, Afan, Round 1

Results 2015

6th One Industries Mini Enduro, Forest of Dean
19th MSG, Radical Bikes, Round 7
7th Trail Collective Enduro, Queen Elizabeth Country Park
28th MSG, Thetford Forest, Round 5