Alex Steward


What bike do you ride, whats your fav bit?
NS Bikes Snabb.

Who inspires you?
Dan Atherton and Jared Graves.

What’s the dream for 2015 season?
Podium at one of the events this year.

Where is your favourite trail, and why?
Spooky Wood decent in Glentress, it’s very fast and has a bit of everything.

Which event do you look forward to the most?
QECP Enduro.

What is your best race experience to date, why?
Aston Hill Black Run race, I learnt a lot .

Is there any advice you would share with riders?
Try and enjoy riding as much as possible, it’s always better when you’re having fun.

What is the most desirable piece of kit?
More enduro specific forks.

What is your favourite trail/race grub?
Bacon sandwich or if I’m on the go mule bars.

What niggles you?
People stopping in the middle of trail!

Results 2017

11th Aston Hill, Round 1
18th Onza Tyres Mini DH, Forest of Dean, Round 1

Results 2016

3rd Southern Enduro Series, Overall
6th Southern Enduro Series, Miland, Round 4
6th Southern Enduro Series, QECP, Round 3
3rd Gravity Project Honey Series, Hollycombe, Round 5
5th Southern Enduro Series, Tidworth, Round 2
9th Mini Enduro, Welsh Gravity Enduro, Forest of Dean, Round 2
3rd Southern Enduro Series, Miland, Round 1
12th Mini Enduro, Welsh Gravity Enduro, Bike Park Wales, Round 2
8th Welsh Gravity Enduro, Afan, Round 1
14th 661 Mini DH, Forest of Dean, Round 2

Results 2015

8th One Industries Mini Enduro, Forest of Dean
10th Aston Hill DH, Mash Up
DNS Trail Collective Enduro, Queen Elizabeth Country Park (mechanical)
8th Aston Hill DH, Black Run
9th GP Honey, Hollycombe, Round 1