Alan Richardson


What bike do you ride, whats your fav bit?
Ventana Zeus, hand built ,flex free frame, Fox 36 fork, custom DHX shock.

Who inspires you?
Not inspired by anyone person.

What’s the dream for 2015 season?
Stay healthy, uninjured and happy.

Where is your favourite trail, and why?
Not one particular trail, but the rocky trails in North Wales are the ones I enjoy most.

Which event do you look forward to the most?
QECP Enduro.

What is your best race experience to date, why?
Winning the BMX national champs. Retiring as number 1 not having to be a target again.

Is there any advice you would share with riders?
If you don’t enjoy it don’t do it, it should be a good experience.

What is the most desirable piece of kit?
I already ride it.

What is your favourite trail/race grub?
Guinness and fig rolls.

What niggles you?
Dog shite on my tyres.

Results 2015

6th QECP Day & Night Enduro, Queen Elizabeth Country Park, Hampshire