Peaty’s Steel City

  • May 8, 2015


Grenoside Woods, Yorkshire
2 May 2015

On Saturday May 2nd I travelled up to Sheffield to take part in Peaty’s Steel City, known as the “biggest little race” in the country. It’s a tremendously popular race and places sold out within the first hour. This was the fourth time I had taken part, and as I have previously managed two first places and a fourth I was hoping to be back on the podium again this year.

The day was extremely cold, which meant that waiting up to an hour for the two required practice runs got a bit chilly, but when I got going the course was nice and flowy with two big doubles and the famous bomb-hole drop at the finish. The race run soon came and because the rain was threatening to come down it was a question of getting it good on the first run – just as well, because as promised it rained for the second run, claiming a couple of victims, and meaning that first run times were much quicker.

I was pleased to get down in a time of 1 minute 22.7 seconds, giving me a clear lead of 3.4 seconds above Richard Brown in second place and Jake Monk in third. The winning time of the whole day was taken by Josh “Rat Boy” Bryceland who came in at 1 minute 13.767 seconds. Overall it was a great day and enjoyed by all.

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Jordan Beighton Peaty Steel City